[G4] G4--prices OS9/Classic?

Kunga Kunga at FutureMedia.org
Wed Jul 16 12:25:04 PDT 2003

FW800 boot only OS X Macs include Classic 9 but will not boot 9 
natively. Most 9 apps run in Classic perfectly. You will still have to 
pay a little more to get the FW800 models. But you could easily add a 
FW 800 PCI card to the cheap dual 1.25 MDD @ $1599 to have that 
capability. That is the best deal. A FW 800 PCI card is going to cost 
you less than $50.

kunga10 (AIM)

On Wednesday, July 16, 2003, at 12:03  PM, Ron Michael wrote:

> I'm still confused about the "boot only OSX" Macs. Do these have 
> "Classic" mode? If yes, can I continue to use my OS9 applications even 
> though I've booted in OSX? But I also want the 800 firewire port 
> realizing though, I can't have everything. I don't know what to do but 
> can't afford the G5.
> Thanks.

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