[G4] Operating without a keyboard or monitor

Daniel Brieck djbrieck at mac.com
Thu Jul 24 12:46:08 PDT 2003


You can try VNC "Virtual Network Computing" It works just like remote 
desktop. The software is somewhat confusing to configure, but if you 
read their getting started page and not try to wing it like I did it is 
not to difficult to set up. The software works on mac os X, mac os 9, 
windows Etc.

Vnc works well all you do is install a VNC Server Software Application 
on your server then In stall the VNC Viewer on you computer with the 
monitor on it all the time. Then to access your server you type the IP 
address in the Viewer application then enter your password and then 
your have access to your server.

The VNC Homepage

The getting started Page

On this page there is the Mac os 9 VNC Server and Client links you have 
to pick it then click proceed both are included in one for the PPC 

For a mac os X versions go to http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/ 
and then use the "Search Downloads" downloads feature on apples site 
typing in VNC or you can go to any other place you prefer to download 
software. Then pick what you need either a server or a Viewer. I use 
VNCDimension as my Viewer on os X and it works fine, also I tried 
OSXvnc as a viewer and it also works fine. I don't use the viewer much 
because all of my other computers  that are networked are PC's....

I hope this helps you out , what the heck it is free......

Dan Brieck Jr.
On Thursday, July 24, 2003, at 01:21  PM, David DelMonte wrote:

> I want to have a little server - maybe an old cube - that can handle 
> my internet connection and let me be mobile with my PBs.
> However, I dont really want another keyboard and monitor.
> Is there any way to operate my cube server without these? How about 
> Apple's Remote Desktop?
> Thanks
> David

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