[G4] print problem

Shelley Huston sihuston at myepath.com
Mon Jul 28 07:12:17 PDT 2003

Did that.  No difference unfortunately.  Any other suggestions.  Thanks.  Shel

>Try doing a repair privs. Launch "Disk Utility" in the X Apps
>folder/Utilities Folder. Click the "First Aid" tab. Click Repair

>...> My old G4 suddenly decided it doesn't want to print.  The printer is
>>  an HP Color Laserjet 2500 - USB.  The print dialog box appears and
>>  all looks ok.  But the file never makes it to the Print Center.  In
>>  any application.  MacOS 10.2.6.  In 9.2.2, I can't print either as
>>  Desktop Printer Utility won't let me choose the lower printer.  I
>>  removed all traces of the printer software and reinstalled it.  No
>>  difference.  Please, help!  TIA.
>  > Shelley Huston, sihuston at myepath.com

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