[G4] print problem

Steve Goldstein sng at cox.net
Mon Jul 28 07:33:29 PDT 2003

"Print Center Repair" utility.  I used it pre-Jaguar, and I do not 
know if it works with Jaguar, as I have not needed it lately.  Also, 
GIMP-print from sourceforge.  I tis a bit involved to set up with 
USB, but it has worked miracles for some.

BTW, I have an HP 2500, also, but I got the Ethernet-networked model 
and have no problems with it.   If you can afford it, you may want to 
look into adding the Etherenet print server to your 2500.

I also have a USB-connected HP All-in-One  OfficeJet 6100 which I use 
for scanning, copying, and printing pictures (a wonderful machine!), 
but I often have to unplug-replug the 6100's USB connection to my 
Mac, and NOT through a hub, as has been noted, to make it work. 
Funny thing is that I also use it on occasion with my PC (which I 
only use on rare occasions, anyway), and the 6100 seems to work 
without a hitch from the PC (under WinXP_Home), so I suspect that 
there may be issues with HP's Mac software.


At 10:12 AM -0400 7/28/03, Shelley Huston wrote:
>Any other suggestions.

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