Will a newer video card help?

John Erdman jperdman at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 29 04:39:48 PDT 2003

My G4/400 Sawtooth still has the original ATI Rage 128 video card in 
the video slot. In some games such as "Medal Of Honor" , certain of the 
fast graphics intensive sequences, are very "draggy". For the most part 
the rest of the game plays fine even with the graphics options "turned 
up to max".  Even when I make adjustments on the video options screen 
to reduce the load on the card the system drags in the fast sequences.

  Now I know that the Aspyr recommends the G4/450 as the minimum 
required configuration, but so far my old soldier has been quite 
adequate for it.

	Two questions:

My question is: would installing an ATI 8500 make any improvement over 
the the stock card for gaming, or am I being limited by the main CPU 
processor clock? How can I determine which is limiting?

If I choose to upgrade to a GeForce4Titanium will it operate in my 2X 
AGP slot. The tech spec are a little above my heat but I've an idea 
thaat the 2X card may not have enough power feed for the card. Is that 


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