[G4] G4 shutting off

Melinda mgarrelts at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 4 14:51:47 PST 2004

I have a MDD 1.25 Ghz machine.  I leave it on 24/7,
with very little down time.  Lately it's been acting
buggy and although I have run Discwarrior, it doesn't
seem fixed.  The crisis began when I inadverdently
kiced an external FW drive and unplugged it.  I got
the not removed properly message.  So I shut down. 
Then restarted.  No FW externals showed up.  In fact,
it booted into OS 9, not classic, but 9 as I had it on
a partition of a drive.  It didn't recognise that I
had 2 different versions of X on partitions of
different drives.  This had never been a problem
before.  After freaking out a bit, I CUDA's it,
rebooted a few times, and finally all was well.  Then
I noticed my startup chime was gone.  There have been
no more instances of the freakish OS X gone missing
incident, but my startup chime is still gone.  I've
checked the sound and all is well.

Then I was messing around inside, formatting an
internal drive for a friend, and I needed to restart. 
Push the button, glow, let go, lose glow.  Try again,
same thing.  3rd try, hold it in.  Maybe too long, as
it did a double beep error sounding beep and turned
off.  Not good.  Tried again, holding in only until I
could feel the fans starting up.  All went ok.

But why?  The machine was bought new in 3/04 so I know
I have applecare left, but besides the fix, I'd like
to know what may have caused it.  Was it the power
supply?  Some other freakishness?  And how to check
the other things?  Will hardware test help?


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