[G4] OT: Old Hypercard Stacks

Dennis B. Swaney romad at cncnet.com
Thu Nov 4 20:02:57 PST 2004

At 9:45 PM -0600 11/4/04, Mel Krewall wrote:
>G4 Listers,
>I have several old Hypercard stacks (I have somehow lost the program 
>over the years) that I would like to convert into some other format 
>if that is possible. Does anyone on the list still have Hypercard? 
>Is it possible to convert the stacks into anything else? Any help is 

You just need to get SuperCard.   http://www.supercard.us

 From their About page:

SuperCard has been called difficult to describe. It is many different 
things to many different users. In fact, we offer two different 
collections of tools, to best suit your needs and budget.

Of course, at the heart of both editions is the SuperCard runtime and 
runtime editing environment. And, if you plan to use SuperCard from 
time to time to create software for your personal needs (or you just 
wish to convert and update HyperCard stacks for use with Mac OS X), 
you will find the Standard Edition to meet these needs well.

However if you plan to work with many projects, you will find the 
Developer Edition's advanced editing environment invaluable in saving 
time constructing new projects (and moving content from one project 
to another). Moreover, if you plan on distributing your projects 
commercially, the Developer Edition's Standalone Maker will create 
applications with your underlying scripts encrypted to prevent others 
from viewing your code.

Regardless of which edition you choose, SuperCard will empower you to 
create professional quality custom applications, presentations, and 
multimedia rich projects in the quickest and easiest manner possible.
Dennis B. Swaney

"Windows is a command-line OS with a GUI shell while Mac System 10 is 
... oh, never mind."

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