[G4] ATIDisplays 4.2.5

Stefan Daehler gesar at tiscalinet.ch
Sat Nov 6 22:17:51 PST 2004

Original Message:

>On 5 Nov, 2004, at 19:49, Jim Pacyga wrote:
>Anyone still have a copy of ATI displays DMG file that they could email 
>to me?  I have found that the new 4.4 version really jacks up my TVOut 
>only G4/500.  I want to try to get it back to somewhat of a working 
>I think that that file is installed as a default file by the OS 
>installation. I have never seen it available as an individual file.
>You might think about using Pacifist to examine the packages in the OS 
>installation CD and only copy/install the package that you need. Just 
>do a Google search for Pacifist and download it.

I don't agree, I'm almost sure this was a separate download from ATI. I 
already searched my Macs at home with no result. I'll check those in 
school next week. It ought to be left somewhere. I'll let you know.     

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