[G4] Dual 1.25Ghz Fw800 showing up as 1GhzDP question

Rod lavo at mac.com
Sun Nov 7 05:47:48 PST 2004

On 7/11/04 12:46 PM, "Ronald Steinke" <ronsteinke at mac.com> wrote:

> On 5 Nov, 2004, at 20:36, Rod wrote:
> I'm actually a Apple Service Technician, and I have had a good look
> around
> the motherboard.  None of the screws have been touched ie there are no
> screwdriver marks on the screw heads.  It would have stood out if the
> cpu
> baard had been removed.
> I'm not a certified AST, but I take enough care that I don't leave
> buggered up screw heads in the machines that I work on. Not having
> marks on the screws doesn't necessarily mean that the cpu had not been
> changed out.

I've poked my head in more machines than I wish to remember, and normally I
can tell.  For some reason the tension on the screws seems the same each
time from the factory, yet I can feel a different tension if someone has had
it apart before.

In saying that, on closer inspection this evening with a torch, I noticed
one of the screw heads has got marks on it, like someone has used the wrong
sized screwdriver. I just emailled the guy I bought it from for some more

> Now, if Apple were to use a thread-lock liquid/sealer like BMW does, it
> would show up in a New York minute that someone had been tinkering with
> the insides of the machine and you would have reason to suspect
> evil-doings. In their thriftiness, Apple leaves out this step in the
> manufacturing and makes it possible to change all sorts of equipment
> without leaving a trace.
> I have no knowledge of units leaving the factory with incorrect
> labeling (except for a few "500 MHz" machines that were actually only
> 450 MHz because of physical limits on the mobo), so it seems to me that
> there was indeed a change of processor chips at some time in the past
> by a previous owner.

Unfortunately I'm starting to think the same thing :-(

> It is labeled correctly or incorrectly, which choice you make is up to
> you, but I would go with the original label and look for the reason for
> the inconsistency.

Everything else on the machine points to the label being correct, as from
memory the 1Ghz machine in that series was a single processor (and this is
definitely a DP).  Even the serial number check with Apple says its a

I'm quite happy for it to be 1Ghz, as that is what I was told it was and
paid for.  My only concern is the machine is still under warranty for
another 2 years and if the processors fry, Apple will ask questions when the
parts are sent back (the processor board clearly says 1Ghz Dual Processor).

Thanks for your input!



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