[G4] Firewire hard drive problem

David whelp at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 7 06:08:32 PST 2004

Are you using the same cable for both machines? Have you tried 
different ports on the FW drive?

Dave W

On Nov 6, 2004, at 10:23 PM, Carol wrote:

> I have a Dual 1.25 GHz Mirrored Drive Door G4 and something strange is
> going on with the Firewire.
> I was having trouble with a Firewire drive on this computer yet the
> drive did not show any hint of a problem when used with my slower 400
> MHz Sawtooth G4.  Both computers were running OS 10.3.5. Since the Dual
> was under warrantee I even had the Firewire card replaced.
> I am still having trouble with the Dual 1.25 and the Firewire drive.
> The Apple Authorized repairman said there was still an instability when
> the Firewire drive is connected but the problem was too intermittent to
> tracdk down.  He recommended replacing the firewire drive.
> Since I don't have two Dual 1.25 computers, I cannot test the drive on
> another similar computer.  I can only test it on a slower one.  I have
> never had a problem with the Firewire drive and the slower G4.
> What brands of Firewire drives do people with Dual 1.25 Mirrored Drive
> Door have and like?
> Has anyone encountered such a problem.
> The Firewire drive I have is an OWC Mercury Elite, 250 GB. 7200 RPM.
> Carol -
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