[G4] Radeon 8500 trouble

Kevin Willis res19rmg at verizon.net
Tue Nov 9 16:34:53 PST 2004

I bought a used Radeon 8500 card off e-Bay a few weeks ago. It was 
listed as a Mac edition. I installed the firmware update and the latest 
drivers from ATI. It worked fine for a week or so, then Sunday I 
noticed my screen was locked up. I restarted, and put a DVD on. A few 
minutes in to the DVD, it froze up. I tried playing a game for a while, 
but it froze up. This happened a few more times, until I replaced the 
video card with my old Radeon 7000. I have gone through an entire DVD 
twice and had no problems since. Is there a affordable way to get one 
of these fixed, or do I need to start looking for another one?



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