[G4] Removing Classic OS

Ron Steinke ronsteinke at mac.com
Thu Nov 11 13:16:16 PST 2004

On 11 Nov, 2004, at 6:00, Ryan Reinike wrote:

Have G4 QSilver, 867Mhz, OS Classic and X, two HD
Bought this from e-bay last year and looking to free up disk space;
1)  I do not use any of the classic-based software, is there any good 
     to keep its OS on my system?
2)  How do I completely remove classic?  If I do would I need to 
install X again?
     Should I be prepared for any hitches once it is removed / other 
     I should change in the process?
Answer #1: Not if you are ABSOLUTELY certain that you will never need 
the Classic environment again.

Answer #2: a - Drag the OS-9 system folder to the trash and delete it. 
Be darned sure that you have the OS-9 System Folder and not the System 
Folder. b - No. c - Not unless you try to access a program that is OS-9 
only. d - See "c".

Over-all answer: As long as you are ONLY using OS-X compatible programs 
and equipment, you should see no problems at all. One problem that may 
arise is when you discover that you don't have the OS-X version of a 
program and have to go to the store to buy it. Your wallet may file a 
complaint because it is being emptied too frequently for its peace of 

Side comment: Since OS-9 really does not take that much space on the 
hard drive, why is it necessary to remove it? At most, it takes less 
than 250Mb and can even be pared down to take less than 160Mb by 
removing sub-programs that are duplicates of functions that OS-X will 
manage for you. Unless you have small capacity drives, under 20Gb, I 
would just leave it there as a "possibly needed program" for use if 
ever the need arises.


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