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Yes, I do everyday, from My Mac of Home to my Mac of Office, and 
vice-versa, even from Cybercaffes to my of home or office.

you must use a free software that use a protocol call "VNC".

For Mac, you have a good cliente call "Chicken of the VNC", and the 
Server is "OSXvnc".

If you are at home and you want to connect to your office (you need 
the IP address and the password). You Mac at home must have the 
Client "Chicken of the VNC", and in the Mac of your Office you must 
have the "OSXvnc" running.

VNC is a Software that exist for Mac/UNIX/Linux and Gindows. Both 
servers and clients, you can connect from a Win32 Machine to a Mac, 
or From a Mac to Win stations, or/and from mac to mac, win to 
windows, etc.

Is very to easy to use the programs, they are free, just try and you will see.

The standard port (5901) is for Mac, for windows is (5900), remember that.

The server on Mac will run on the 5901, and in Windows 5900, but you 
can change the port for security reasons, or configurated Firewall 
for limits the machines that can connect.

Au revoir, bye...

At 5:51 AM -0800 11/11/04, Ryan Reinike wrote:
>Have G4 QSilver, 867Mhz, broadband connection, OS Classic and X
>Is is possible to remote access my Mac @ home from the PC I'm at while at
>work?  Is there a way to 'dial in / connect' to my Mac (to access 
>photoshop mainly).
>I know this is a half-bred question since half of my problem would 
>be the Windows 2k
>professional I would be operating from.
>Any comments appreciated!
>Thx in advance.
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