[G4] Single or dual G4 upgrade for QS867?

Jamie Pruden m3gunner at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 14 07:56:40 PST 2004

Hi Hal,

With all else being equal, the dual 1.33 will smoke the 1.5 in 
Photoshop, iMovie and iDVD.

I don't believe that VPC is dual processor aware, however, and many 
games aren't either. I guess it's a trade-off.

Going forward, you may find that the dual processor will become more 
significant as more programs become multiprocessor aware... if it was 
my dime, I'd go for the dual.


On Nov 12, 2004, at 11:12 PM, Hal wrote:

> I'm considering upgrading a Quicksilver 867mHz G4. I've been looking 
> at OWC's 1.5gHz and also at the various dual CPU options (Giga and 
> Sonnet). I prefer an adjustable upgrade, so I can tweak it for maximum 
> performance.
> Would I see more of an improvement from a dual 1.33 or a single 1.5? 
> I'm mostly playing games, some iMovie and iDVD, some light photoshop 
> work and VPC.
> Any info is appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> -Hal
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