[G4] Printer Problem...

Jesus Maria Bianco T. jbianco at cippsv.com
Mon Nov 15 06:39:56 PST 2004


Recently at the Office has arrived a new Multifunctional (Laser, 
Scanner and Printer): Xerox WorkCentre M20

and a Print Server: Trendware Model 'TE100-P1P', it is connected to 
the Printer via a Parallel Port to the Network (RJ-45). I tried from 
Windows enviroment and Work fine.

Multifunctional <- Parallel -> Print Serer <- RJ 45 -> Network

In my Mac (10.2.8), it report on the Net (The PrintServer) like a 
AppleTalk postscript Printer, but it does not found the PPD, and I 
set up manually. I've the PPD that downloaded from Xerox.

I tryied via Printer IP, AppleTalk, etc. and the Result is the same 
(It printer about 14 pagess of PostScript code, I think).

On the manual of the Printer say that this model is PostScript with 
the Ethernet Card, etc.

The Printer = (Laser, Scanner and Printer) = Multifunctional.

The Printer does not have a Ethernet Card, that is why the 
PrinterServer is used. I think that I was receiving the 14 pages of 
PS Code , because the printer is unable to parshing the code?

I set up Printer 'Printer via SAMBA', and share the resorce in a 
Windows 2000 Machine, for the Mac go 'to Print' to the PC and the PC 
to the Printer. I was hope that it work, but it does not, the Printer 
can print when I send to printer something from the Mac, but the 
result are text (whatever code) is not processing, what can I do? I 
want to Print from my Mac !!!

How I hate the programmers that only think that Windows exist !

Help me, please!

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