[G4] Re: Re: Radeon 8500 fan replacement

Sean Collins sean at hogheaven.com
Wed Oct 27 18:17:37 PDT 2004

John McGibney responded:

>  > The fan on my ATI Radeon 8500 card needs to be replaced.
>>  Anyone know of a QUALITY drop-in replacement?
>I couldn't find any. Luckily my card was still under warranty so I got a
>free replacement from ATI.


Since posting, I have found the exact replacement!

Upon taking the fan out of the heatsink, I found it is an "ADDA" 
brand, model number AP4505MX-G90

Googled that number, and got a hit for Mouser Electronics!  $19.95 w/heatsink.

If you need another spare, here it is:


This must have been divine intervention, since I'm preparing to order 
some other stuff from Mouser.  The fan is now on the list.

Meanwhile, while the fan was out, I took the bearing cap off the 
backside, and put a drop of 3-in-1 oil in there.  It's quiet again, 
but may not last long.


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