[G4] What works on Tiger and does not?

Daniel Brieck Jr. djbrieck at mac.com
Sun May 1 05:56:16 PDT 2005

The iMac meets the requirements... G3  yes, FireWire Yes, Ram 576MB, 
DVD No, oops...

On May 1, 2005, at 3:02 AM, Kunga wrote:

> You have to trade in your DVD and $10 for a set of CDs returned to you.
Thats kind of a waste there... Does it say how many CD's? That will 
show you the progress of growth 10.2 = 2 CD; 10.3 was = 3 CD, right.

> Does your iMac have FireWire Ports? That's the minimum. And 256 MB 
> ram. But you can also install it on your iMac with an external DVD 
> player in a FireWire case.

I will be able to try that I have an external firewire CD burner, and I 
just ordered a Pioneer DVR-109 ($58.00 newegg)  that I am going to 
replace the old DVD-RAM drive with in the G4.... So I will have an 
extra DVD drive floating around that I could easily put in the firewire 
enclosure to do the tiger install on the iMac...

Thats always on option good old Firewire...

Still wish I could use the software and not have to lift a screw 

> k
> On Apr 29, 2005, at 1:28 PM, Daniel Brieck Jr. wrote:
>> Speaking of DVD media, what do users of macs without DVD drives have 
>> to do to install? Are there CD images available?  My G4 has A DVD 
>> drive, but my g3 imac does not... They forget to mention DVD drive 
>> required under Tiger's system requirements or do they...

Dan Brieck Jr.

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