[G4] (Alex) Re: External HD corrupted by Panther

Anthony Kluck weho90069 at earthlink.net
Sun May 22 15:09:03 PDT 2005

HI Alex,

Thanks very much for the link and letting me in on the "Panther + 
Firewire = Trouble" situation (I am reading into it right now). Sure 
enough, my drive was totally reliable under OS 9 and now it's been 
hosed the way the article suggests. I'm pretty horrified that my device 
has been turned into a death trap for my data.

I bought my drive from PowerMax and they aren't listed under the group 
of mfr's who are providing firmware updates, but I will check their 
website and/or write them an email to see if they publish the firmware 
upgrade. I really hope I don't have to disconnect the drive and not use 
it anymore. It's only a couple years old.

Details about my upgrade, fyi:

I disconnected ALL my peripherals from my AGP G4 when I upgraded to OS 
X; I read a few articles on upgrading and one of them stressed doing 
this. I only reconnected the external HD after I was sure that the new 
OS was running alright (or so I presumed), and hoped for the best. At 
first, it looked OK and then I began to see the "Stepford Wife"-like 
replacement icons for my files (just black boxes), and noticing they 
had zero K...

Also, I upgraded using v. 10.3.5 discs supplied with the purchase of 
Panther I mad some months back; Apple was running a special deal: 
purchase both Panther + iLife '04 and receive a rebate. The first thing 
I did, incidentally, after upgrading to X was let the computer check 
for new software, which is how I am now at v. 10.3.9.

Again, thanks so much for your help.

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> On May 20, 2005, at 20:32, Anthony Kluck wrote:
>> I just upgraded my G4's OS from 9.2.2 to 10.3.9 and have an external
>> Fantom 80 Gig hard disc where I back up and store a lot of my junk;
>> it's connected to the G4 via Firewire. A bad thing has happened:
>> somewhere during the installation or thereafter, Panther seems to have
>> corrupted quite a few of my files [...]
> You may have been bitten by Panther's Firewire bug, although your
> symptoms are not quite typical (and I think it affected earlier
> versions). Check out reports of this problem -- e.g., here
> <http://www.macintouch.com/panfirewire.html>
> and see if they fit. If not, post more details (which version of
> Panther did you install, was the drive connected during installation,
> etc.).
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