[G4] Dual Layer DVD Unit

Anthony Kluck weho90069 at earthlink.net
Sat May 28 18:56:45 PDT 2005

Just diving in here to ask a couple questions:

A DVD burner for only $52 sounds almost too good to be true; I'm used 
to perusing mailers and seeing them listed for nearly a couple hundred 
bucks (although, these are usually external burners with Firewire 
options; the cheapest model I've seen for in the tower itself was 

I went to the site referred to below and looked at the item. Before I 
go further, let me just say that I am not well versed with the inner 
workings of my Mac (but I am willing to learn!), so please bear with 
me, here as I am bound to ask some foolish or at least obvious 

First, I presume I would be changing-out my existing DVD-ROM in my G4 
tower with this component, yes? What do you recommend I do with the old 
DVD-ROM? Is there a website which would enable me to "recycle" it by 
selling it to someone who needs one, even for a few bux? Or should I 
hang on to it "just in case" I need to reinstall it at a later date (if 
the DVD burner goes kaput)?

Second, would any additional hardware be needed to complete the change 
out of drives or would I just need to buy the burner itself?

Third, is this something I could do myself with some basic tools? I.e., 
Are installation instructions provided with such components usually 
sufficient to enable laypeople in accomplishing the removal of an older 
drive and installing a new one? I did install a new hard drive in my 
Mac once, but had to be coached in doing so over the phone, and admit I 
probably came off a bit like Karen Black in AIRPORT '75 during the 
experience. It certainly demystified the sacred box Apple led users 
like me to believe, for years, opening was a big "no no"...however I am 
hardly what you would call "familiar" with the inner workings of my 

But, like I said, I *am* willing to learn...

Thanks very much for the advice.

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On May 28, 2005, at 11:18 AM, Kunga wrote:

> You want the Pioneer DVR-109 for $52 from
> <http://www.nt-micro.com> free shipping. It will be seen as the Apple 
> OEM drive. All you have to do is go to any Apple Store and launch the 
> system profiler to tell what the new dual layer drives are. Apple is 
> sticking with Pioneer. Last year it was the 117 and 108 and in 2003 it 
> was the 107. 117 by the way was Apple's number for early 108's which 
> can BOTH be firmware upgraded to dual layer 109's for FREE.
> k
> On May 28, 2005, at 11:07 AM, Johns Maillist wrote:
>> Seems like a good time to upgrade my MDD 1.25 unit to a Dual Layer 
>> DVD burner.
>> Any suggestions as to which is a good, Apple system and Toast 
>> recognized. Prefer not to have to flash one if I can avoid it.
>> Thanks,
>> John
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