[G4] Cursor Freezing

Tony Johansen tjoh7019 at bigpond.net.au
Wed Mar 15 20:41:27 PST 2006

Thank you guys for your prompt replies

Bill and Richard - I am using the standard Apple one button wired mouse. The
cable outwardly looks fine but there is no obvious way to get inside the
mouse to inspect the connections there.

Tony - I will try trashing  com.apple.Safari.plist    from
/tonyjohansen/Library/preferences  but I guess it will take a day or so to
see if that works.

Steve and Jon - I will if it freezes again first unplug/replug the USB
connection, and if that doesn't work or the problem persists will try my
Belkin mouse I use on my iBook.

I appreciate your help and will report any success / failure

A Life Of Art

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