[G4] Re: G4 450 Harddrive Question

Richard Kriss rmkriss at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 26 17:45:32 PST 2007


I have a Mac G4 that started life as a G4 450 AGP.  I added the Mercury 1
GHz processor upgrade and it has been working perfect.  Best money I ever
spent on a Mac.  

Works great!

Machine Name:    Power Mac G4 (AGP graphics)
  Machine Model:    PowerMac3,1
  CPU Type:    PowerPC G4  (2.1)
  Number Of CPUs:    1
  CPU Speed:    1 GHz
  L2 Cache (per CPU):    256 KB
  L3 Cache (per CPU):    2 MB
  Memory:    1 GB
  Bus Speed:    100 MHz
  Boot ROM Version:    4.2.8f1

> From: Rob Marles <rmarles at rogers.com>
> Subject: Re: [G4] G4 450 Harddrive Question
> To: g4 at listserver.themacintoshguy.com
> John
> Thanks.  I'd spent quite a bit of time on http://www.lowendmac.com/ trying to
> determine exactly which model I have.  (That's the actual page I pulled
> sawtooth from)
> I have the 450 AGP variant...
> I asked about the hard drives as I only saw the one obvious extra connection
> point in the case, just never looked further.
> I do have 1gb of ram, burner, etc.
> The only hardware thing left I'd be interested in looking at is swapping the
> CPU for something faster.

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