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Thu Jun 5 12:43:44 PDT 2008

 > Eric Smith <eric-s-smith at comcast.net> wrote: macrumors.com is today
> reporting a story, originating from
> arstechnica.com, that OS X 10.6 will be named Snow Leopard and,
> as some of us have previously guessed, will be Intel-only.
> The release is expected at Macworld in January 2009, and is
> said not to contain any major new features but to focus on
> "speed and stability."
> This strategy makes sense to me from Apple's point of view.
> It has been clear that Apple has been on an accelerated pace
> to end their commitment to backward-compatibility. Abandoning
> Classic mode in 10.5 and artificially restricting its installation
> to G5 and a subset of G4 systems was a death knell for PPC in
> general. To accomplish that with a minimum of fuss from the
> user community, what better way than to release a "feature-less"
> upgrade that simply drops PPC support? PPC users can be told
> just to stick with Leopard without losing any functionality.
> Then by the time 10.7 comes around, everyone will already be
> accustomed to the fact that PPC is no longer supported.
> Eric S.

I for one am not giving up on PPC, no matter what Apple does. I'd sooner
be using a used G5 tower ten years down the road than use an Intel
machine, and I don't care if Apple calls it a Mac. It'll never be a
Macintosh - just a Wintel box with an Apple logo. Blech >:P

Eric W.

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