[G4] Wireless card for MDD

Rich Northouse rnorthouse at wi.rr.com
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I too can use a speedy airport card. Do you have another for sale?

Rich Northouse
Milwaukee 53097

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On Jun 2, 2009, at 3:10 AM, Bruce Ryan Nakamura wrote:

> What is the proper wireless card for my G4 MDD dual 1.25 Firewire 400?

The original 802.11b Airport Card offered by Apple. It is the slower one,
not the "extreme" speedy one, and is more rectangular than square in shape
and does not have exposed contact blades.

If you really want/need one, I have a few extra Airport Cards in stock and
can sell you one for $20.00 (shipping included). I have personally tested
each card with a GigaBitE G4 Tower PPC and will exchange if it doesn't work
in your tower.

You can download the program "MacTracker" from the internet. It will give
you all sorts of information about all the Macs ever made. You should check
it out.

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