[G4] G4 Yikes wireless

Skygram skygram at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 16:42:27 PDT 2009


There are a couple of ways. However it will come down to trial and error. If
you look there are still the older style Airport cards available at eBay.

Or you can attempt using D-Link usb wireless adapters. But this might be
tricky depending on which version of OS-X you may be using. Also one adapter
might work and other adapters that look identical, with an identical model
number might not. You have to check the revision letter after the model
identification on the back of the unit. It has to do with the fact that some
chips within the adapters will not work with Macs where others will work.
Then again some will work with the right version of OS-X. It is all a pain
in the buttski.

For example, I have used an old D-link usb adapter on a friend's daughter's
iMac. However in order for it to work she has to use Panther as it will not
work with anything else. Some newer adapters require digging up the drivers
from the chipset maker to have it recognized  by later versions of OS-X
because the drivers supplied by D-Link are not up to date and don't work.

If you Google your question you will find a lot of information about hooking
up wireless cards to older Macs. It is "do-able" but you have to do the leg
work so to speak. You will find many answers to your questions online so
check out those techie chat lists and web sites, if you cannot find answers


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