[G4] Booting from external Drive

J.M.P.Hissel jomph at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 13 16:00:33 PDT 2009

On 03-07-2009 21:24, Paul Moortgat, paul.moortgat at pandora.be, wrote:

> Isn't it nice?  I answered 11 days ago, and today I got that answer
> back.  I hope that the person who needed it found a solution before
> these 11 days.
> This is not the group the get an answer from.  See you in 11 days.
> Paul Moortgat

Yep, have the same. I'm wondering if this will happen to everybody on this
list or only to Belgium and The Netherlands subscribers.
Where is our listmoderator??

Jo Hissel

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