[G4] Hello

Paul Moortgat paul.moortgat at pandora.be
Tue Jan 25 09:31:20 PST 2011

I've 3 Macs on or asleep 24/7.  No problem so far after 15 year.

Paul Moortgat

On 25 Jan 2011, at 15:57, John Gilbert wrote:

> My G4 runs all the time.
> Occasionally, I will turn it off. For lightning storms, long periods  
> of
> non-use, etc.
> Is this incorrect procedure?
>> I'm still on the list, and pop in from time to time. I lack the tech
>> know-how to help much with other peoples' questions, but occasionally
>> browse the archives when I'm having a problem.
>> My Dual 867 MDD is still my main machine, and runs at least 10 hours
>> per day on average.  I use SuperDuper to clone the OS every month or
>> two, and backup my files by copying over Ethernet to spare drives on
>> a ten-year-old Dell 4100 running Windows XP.  I keep those backup
>> drives formatted in Fat 32. That way, if the Dell fails, I can just
>> pop the drives into my old USB enclosure and still access the files
>> with my G4 -- or with my "new" five-year-old Toshiba laptop, in the
>> unlikely event that the Dell and the G4 fail at the same time.
>> Stone knives and bear skins, as it were.  I'm still on dialup.  In
>> fact, this MDD is still using the same old internal modem that I
>> scavenged out of my old G3 iMac after it died.  Ah, the history!
>> Dave March
>> On Dec 19, 2010, at 10:55 PM, Steve Jensen wrote:
>>> Is anyone still on the list? I haven't seen a post in months! I
>>> would still like to participate.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Steve
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