[HM] Re: Epson status monitor for OSX?

Michael Winter michael-winter at uiowa.edu
Mon Feb 17 09:06:43 PST 2003

On Saturday, February 15, 2003, at 11:54  PM, John Davis wrote:

> On Sunday, February 16, 2003, at 07:41  AM, Jim Thornton wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I've never replied to a list before, but I think I can shed some 
>> light on
>> the question. I have been using OS X for over a year now with my G4
>> Quicksilver and an Epson Stylus Color 880 printer. The OS X Print 
>> Center has
>> a Configure Printer command under the Printer column of the menu bar 
>> (or the
>> Configure icon on the Printer List dialog box). Choosing Configure 
>> brings up
>> the Epson Printer Utility that contains the Epson Status Monitor, 
>> Nozzle
>> Check, et al functions.
>> HTH
>> Jim
>> <snip>
>          Thanks for the tip but unfortunately I don't get  that option 
> in Print Centre to configure with the Epson 580?

Its grayed out for me too.

Is the 580 supported without using Gimp Print? I have to use it to get 
support for my old 850 and I too have no way I can find to check ink 
status or clean the nozzles without rebooting in OS 9.


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