[HM] Re: Sending jpegs

Mary Hoekstra hoekstra at netpath.net
Wed Feb 26 19:15:53 PST 2003

Don't know if this is going to help anyone, but I am on a G3 Beige 
Mac OS 9.03, 160mg memory, 266mhz and use Eudora 4.3.  Never has 
anyone that I sent photos, birthday cards any images, as a matter of 
fact, that recipients were unable to read.  My browser is Internet 
Explorer 5.
With Eudora you go to Menu under Message and click on "attach 
document,"  a window pops up showing your documents and what is on 
your hard drive; you scroll to the image you want on your email and 
click on  "insert" and there it is on the email you are sending.  I 
am sure other email servers must have a similar system.  I've never 
used anything but Eudora and it is absolutely as fool proof as it 
usually gets.
If you would like me to send you an email with an image attached, I 
will be happy to do so.
Mary H.
Mary H.

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