[HM] Sending jpegs

mvance mvance at mjvance.com
Thu Feb 27 06:39:10 PST 2003

I have experienced two problems when sending jpgs.

If you send more than one at a time to an aol user, it is converted to mime.

If I send them to a windoze user, Outlook or Windows converts them to 
bmp if I insert it in the email (I use Eudora and have for years). 
If I send it as an attachment, it remains a jpg.

When I downsize to send, I take the resolution to 72, max 96 and they 
are not pixilated.

We have not figured out an explanation for these things, they just are.

Don't know if this helps, but it is probably not you, it is the 
quirks of Windows and AOL


>I bought PhotoShop Elements 2.0 to use with the pictures I take with my
>digital camera. I have reduced the images to manageable sizes (100
>resolution, 3x5 size) and saved as Jpeg's.
>However, when I email them (unfortunately, I am using Outlook Express with
>msn.com) and people are having problems opening them. Friends on AOL receive
>them as MIMES. I notice that when I go send the email with an attachment, I
>see a box that says Encoding document.
>1. Does anyone know what Outlook express encodes the JPEGS as?
>2. Anyone have a clue why my images can't be opened? (One person said she
>did open them, but they were too pixilated. What???)

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