[HM] Re: titanium hardware problem

Duane Murphy duanemurphy at mac.com
Sun Nov 2 21:13:40 PST 2003

--- At Sun, 2 Nov 2003 21:21:56 -0800, Carol Mullen wrote:

>Any suggestions on shutting down or restarting?
>I'm running 10.2 on a G4 Powerbook.  I left it running during dinner.  It
>was connected to the Internet through a Belkin router.  Now it won't wake,
>and it won't shut down.  Even holding down the power button does nothing.
>The only sign that it's not shut down is the white light.
>It's not running on battery.

Does command-control-power do anything on those machines? It resets a G3

If not, then remove the battery and unplug the machine. Eventually it
will shutdown (running OS X, it wont take very long). Then plug it back
in and restart. 


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