How to copy a CD with iTunes

Carl Smedberg cws at
Wed Nov 5 08:24:42 PST 2003

It's a 2 step process.  Import to iTunes, export to a CD, rather than a
single step copy process.

Open iTunes.

Under preferences/importing/import using -> select AIFF encoder.  (assuming
you want to create a CD you can play anywhere.  Otherwise you get an MP3
file that will only play with MP3 systems.)

Insert the disk you want to copy in your drive and then import the disc into
iTunes (top right corner).

After the import is done, create a new playlist (the plus sign at the lower
left) and copy the songs from the library to the new play list.

Open up the new playlist.  Change the order of the songs if you want. You
can also add or delete any songs from other CDs at this point by repeating
the previous steps.  Put a blank CD in your drive, then select burn disk.

Take the disk to your CD player or car and test it.

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