Beige G3 Tower and 10.xx

James Baumann james_a_baumann at
Mon Nov 10 08:17:35 PST 2003

Please let us know how that works out if you do upgrade.

I think you'll also have to look at available hard-drive space.  And is 
there a concern about the processor speed running OS X?

One more thing, you'll also want to upgrade your software to the OS X native 
level which might tax your machine as well.

Not to be the wet blanket here, but I never upgraded my beige G3 desktop to 
OS X because of all these concerns.  Went and bought a G4 mirrored doors 
tower and am loving it.

But I'd like to bring my old G3 up to speed as well, so, again, let us know 
what happens.


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