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Nathan nathan at incirlik.net
Sat Apr 3 05:29:41 PST 2004

 Hello all,

    Longtime reader, first time poster to this list.. Being that I don't
know exactly where to ask this question so I'll try here...

    I'm looking for a stable IRC client to run under 9.2.2 that will allow
my to plug in the servers that I want to frequent.. (i.e. Irc.freenode.net).
    I run Bitchx on my YellowDog box, but would like to have the same
connectivity without having to turn on the other computer, kick the MacOS
box offline (only dialup here in Turkey :( ) and go about what I want to do.
    I have a copy of Snak, but it will not let me input any other server
id's beside the 4-5 defaults that are absolutely worthless to me...


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