room rental

Paul Cooper cooper.mail at
Thu Apr 8 03:51:39 PDT 2004

some thoughts

1 your custodial rate is too low they are costing you more than $15 per 
hour when you figure salary, benefits supervision etc. You are also 
charging a flat fee for their services - can they completely clean the 
cafeteria for $30?

2. I think a $300,000 liability  limit is too low - you should talk to 
your insurance broker. A $1,000,000 for a single event doesn't cost 
very much and would provide you better coverage. Imaging 30 
participants having smoke inhalation damage - $1000 a piece  in medical 
and damages? I don't think so.

3. How do you verify that they have complied with your police and fire 

4. You should get damage deposits on all AV or computer equipment used 
by an outside group.

5. I don't think you want anyone who has not been trained to use your 
lighting systems (in the auditorium) to run that equipment. I would 
require they hire someone from the school to make sure this stuff 
doesn't get broken or fall on someone and kill them (see liability 
limits in #2)

6. What about software usage on your computers? Can they load their 
own? Does that expose your system to damage, viruses, unlicensed 
software liability?

7.	Are there sanctions for not following the rules (police, fire, 
tobacco etc)? Should you state that in the policy?

How are you feeling - how's that killer rash doing?

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