National Dial UP? or Wireless?

Vicki Allwardt vallwardt at
Fri Apr 16 08:03:31 PDT 2004

I use for national dial up, that works very nicely, they 
charge $9-$10 per month, depending on your program choice.  I also have 
a Smith Micro cable that connects to my cell phone, but it is VERY 
slow.  It works and costs $60.  I would only recommend it for checking 
email and the website, not downloading.

> Greetings...
> Is there such a thing as wireless satellite dial-up
> for the internet that supports Mac?
> Like, if you're traveling (in a motor home) and need
> access ... where ever?
> Fred Showker, Editor in Chief
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Vicki Allwardt CDA

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