[HM] PowerBook vs iBook

Duane Murphy duanemurphy at mac.com
Wed Apr 21 11:28:19 PDT 2004

--- At Wed, 21 Apr 2004 10:54:56 -0800, Jane Sprando wrote:

>What's the difference between a PowerBook and an iBook??????

The advertisement says "Professional" and "Consumer". The iBook is made
cheaper to keep the price down. From a technical point of view the
differences I can recall are:

o PowerBook supports multiple monitors. That is the external monitor port
is another monitor. On the iBook, only mirroring is supported.

o The PowerBook has PCMCIA slot. None on the iBook.

o You can change the battery without plugging in the PowerBook. That is
you can remove the battery from a PowerBook while it is asleep just fine.
The iBook will just crash.

o The hard drive in a PowerBook is much easier to upgrade.

o The memory in a PowerBook is probably easier to upgrade and can
probably be higher. (There's a lot of probably's in there.)

I think they are about even on ports these days. And the processors are
not that far apart. I think you can get CDRW/DVDRW in both.

They are not very far apart. But the battery situation appeals to me as I
tend to run off of battery using multiple batteries.


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