[HM] disc burner

John Baltutis baltwo at san.rr.com
Sat Apr 2 13:57:30 PST 2005

On 3/19/05, "Duane Murphy" <duanemurphy at mac.com> wrote:
> --- At Sat, 19 Mar 2005 01:55:40 -0600, George Booth wrote:
>>When i go to burn CD, it says Disc Burner or no software found. I have
>>a Disc Burner in 9.2 (Classic App), but nothing in OS 10.3.8. I have
>>iTunes 4.7.1. I have burned CDs some time ago, but don't know what has
>>occurred. How can I reinstall Disc Burner and where can I find it?
> it sounds like a file has been accidentally deleted from your system. You
> cannot just reinstall the Disk Burner software. It's part of the system
> If you have another system that is working, you can search for Disk
> Burner and try and find all the pieces (and there are probably lots of them).
> The only other solution would be to reinstall OS X to see if that fixes
> the problem.

Disk Burner is an OS 9 or earlier app. In OS X, you can use the
Finder->File->Burn Disc, the Disk Utility->Images->Burn, or the
iTunes->File->Burn Playlist to Disc functions.

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