[HM] Password help & Jaguar

Jack Honeycutt jhoneycutt at qwest.net
Wed Apr 13 14:28:58 PDT 2005


My girlfriend got a G4 from her X husband in her divorce.  She she asked me 
to hook up & get running for her.
When I boot, I get a screen that says the name of her X husband, and then 
it asks for  a password.  Needless to say, he says he has "forgotten" it.

I know in PCs, you can sometimes remove a jumper on the motherboard to 
reset the password.  I don't know how it  works in Jaguar or Apples.  I 
would like to tell you which version of  Jaguar it has running, but I can't 
get pass the password screen.

Short of booting to her original jaguar disks, and loading OSX again, do I 
have any way to get to the desktop?  She has files she would like to keep 
if I can save them for her.

Any advice appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Jack in Portland Oregon

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