[MacDV] Using a G4 laptop & directly capturing video

Simon Gardener simon2003 at uniserve.com
Thu Jan 1 06:26:42 PST 1970

Hey joe -
i spend my summer on liveaboard boats shooting and editing underwater 
video on an ibook and fcp3
using imovie  with both an internal and external drive i used to see 
lots of dropped frames but using fcp its a very rare thing

and im using a 600mhz ibook with 384 of ram

youll be in heaven with a 1ghz g4 and a gig of ram

just make sure you get the biggest fastest harddrive theyll put in it. 
video just eats up hds

simon gardener

On Thursday, April 3, 2003, at 02:03  pm, Joe Camporesi wrote:

> I am looking the possibility of buying a g4 1ghz laptop and adding 1g of
> ram.. What I am interested in doing is directly capturing the the 
> footage I
> shoot into FCP 3.. Any one have experience doing this with a laptop?
> Joe Camporesi
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