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JM juanm at
Thu Jan 2 19:47:20 PST 2003


I got this e-mail tonight (see below). I did provide several thoughts 
and answers to this person.

Any thoughts from the group here?



Hello, My name is xxxxxxxx and I just joined RIMUG.  In the issue of 
Applesource which I have, you wrote a review of Photo to Move.  I 
downloaded it and tried to use it.  Some of the movie clips are great.  
Others are horrible.  Two major problems.

1.  Even using high quality mode, some of the clips look like they only 
have about four frames per second, making for very jumpy zooms and 

2.  Small features, and lines which are nearly horizontal or nearly 
vertical, flick in and out of view, seeming to jump around.

Quick summary of what I'm doing/have.  I'm using a Titanium G4 
Powerbook, 400 megahertz, running OSX 1.1.3.  I've used a variety of 
input formats, Photoshop, Jpeg and TIFF.  I have been careful to check 
the box for high quality output (a 15 second clip takes 48 minutes to 
produce).  It is unpredicable whether a certain slide will give great 
results or one of the poor results.

I'm planning to go to next week's RIMUG meeting so if you have some 
ideas that may help me, but they would take too long to write down, let 
me know and I'll look you up at the meeting and take notes on your 

Thanks for any help you can give me.    


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