[MacDV] What am I missing?

Gerhard suspice at hay.net
Wed Jan 15 16:38:03 PST 2003

You should be able to burn these to DVD-RW using Toast but it will not
be a DVD that can be played on DVD player.  In order to do this you have
to use iDVD and it really does not like DVD-RW but can be fooled into
burning them.

Gerhard Kuhn
suspice at hay.net

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I've got the Pioneer 105, iMovie in OSX, and some Quicktime movies. I
I could get my feet wet burning the Quicktime movies via Toast 5.2 to 
DVD-RW's that I bought. No can do. So, I have a few questions.
Is iMovie available for OS9, and if so, how do I get it?
Is there any way to import Quicktime movies into iMovie? It looked like
will only import a DV stream.
I bought Memorex (Not my favorite brand) DVD-RW ver 1.1 discs. I tried
burn data to them, and it wouldn't. There isn't much in the manual about

burning DVD's. It burned a couple of CD's with no problem. Suggestions?
Can you burn a DVD movie to DVD-RW?


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