[MacDV] Re: iTunes 4 & The iTunes Music Store

Erica Sadun erica at mindspring.com
Thu May 1 10:07:43 PDT 2003

>On Donnerstag, Mai 1, 2003, at 06:29  Uhr, Erica Sadun wrote:
>>>Just to clarify -- you can't download the movies that play from within
>>>iTunes.  If you want to download the new AppleMusic ads, you need to do so
>>>from the web site and not through iTunes.
>>>That means the music videos in the iTunes store are not savable.  :-(
>>Where are these music videos in iTunes? Are they watchable
>>without a purchase?
>Sorry, forgot to turn on brain before sending my last post. The 
>nonsavable music videos he's referring to can be found under certain 
>artists, e.g. Sheryl Crow and U 2, and are free. Like an MTV video 
>their purpose is to make you want to buy the music.


Okay then.

Very easy to recover the QuickTime movie. Just did so.


-- Erica, who's feeling a little punchy today.

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