[MacDV] Re: iTunes 4 & The iTunes Music Store

Erica Sadun erica at mindspring.com
Thu May 1 10:33:18 PDT 2003

>On Donnerstag, Mai 1, 2003, at 07:07  Uhr, Erica Sadun wrote:
>>>Sorry, forgot to turn on brain before sending my last post. The 
>>>nonsavable music videos he's referring to can be found under 
>>>certain artists, e.g. Sheryl Crow and U 2, and are free. Like an 
>>>MTV video their purpose is to make you want to buy the music.
>>Okay then.
>>Very easy to recover the QuickTime movie. Just did so.
>Yes, please.

Unix Geek way:
1. Launch Terminal
2. cd /
3. cd private
4. cd tmp
5. ls
    look for a numbered directory. Mine is 501
6. cd into that numbered directory
7. cd Temp*
    this puts you into the Temporary Items folder
8. ls
    look for files named QTPluginTemp with numbers after
9. copy to the desktop. Wait for it to appear.
10. rename from the desktop with a .mov extension. Confirm.
11. Launch in QuickTime

NonUnixGeek way:
1. Command-F from finder
2. Add criteria: Visibility. Set to All
3. Search for File Name contains QTPluginTemp
4. Select the file
5. At the bottom part with the folders, double-click
    Temporary Items to open the folder
6. drag a copy to the desktop.
7. rename with a .mov extension. Confirm that you want to add
    the extension.
8. Launch in QuickTime

>>-- Erica, who's feeling a little punchy today.
>Punchy enough to offer your book on iMovie 2 to list members for a 
>discount, per chance? I'd really like to have it but it's a bit 
>beyond my budget at the moment. : -(
>chris searles

Gibt es nicht Amazon.de in Deutschland? Hier kostest
nur (circa) zwanzig Euroen. Wie viel kostest es fuer

-- Erica, who cannot speak German even though she
took 1st year German no fewer than 3 times. (In
JHS, HS and College)

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