[MacDV] Re: iTunes 4 & The iTunes Music Store

Erica Sadun erica at mindspring.com
Thu May 1 10:58:00 PDT 2003

>On Donnerstag, Mai 1, 2003, at 07:33  Uhr, Erica Sadun wrote:
>>>Punchy enough to offer your book on iMovie 2 to list members for a 
>>>discount, per chance? I'd really like to have it but it's a bit 
>>>beyond my budget at the moment. : -(
>>>chris searles
>>Gibt es nicht Amazon.de in Deutschland? Hier kostest
>>nur (circa) zwanzig Euroen. Wie viel kostest es fuer
>Yes, there is an Amazon.de. That's how I knew how it expensive it 
>is,  i.e. roughly 40 EUR. (I guess that includes sales tax, S & H to 
>Europe, duty, etc. and of course doesn't include the 10-20% discount 
>Amazon sometimes gives on books ordered through them in the US that 
>we rarely get here.)
>I do see though at the site that there's a used version available 
>for 34.99 EUR. Wouldn't save me much though, since I'd have to add 3 
>EUR postage to that (which is included in the Amazon new price):

Why not buy it at the US site and ship it to Germany? Wouldn't it
still cost under 40 Euros?

>>-- Erica, who cannot speak German even though she
>>took 1st year German no fewer than 3 times. (In
>>JHS, HS and College)
>Sounds pretty good to me for someone who's only had 1st year German.

You're very kind.

So did you try the video capture thing?

-- Erica

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