Adobe Premiere DV device certification

czayachkowski at czayachkowski at
Thu May 1 11:05:28 PDT 2003


That is a good question. Will the Canon ZR-60 work with Adobe Premiere 
6.5 for Mac OS X? When you look at the models they support under Movie 
Capture there are not a lot of Canon models listed so I suspect that 
Canon like Sony are very similar from model to model. The Sony DVMC-DA1 
is listed as compatible but the DA2 is not listed (though I suspect it 
would work). I am wanting to know if the Canon ZR-60 works and if the 
Sony TRV-19 works. Anyone out there with any answers? I would kinda like 
to know as I do not want to spend money I do not need to. I am on strike 
now and I cannot afford to throw money away. I have invested a lot into 
my Adobe Premiere upgrade.


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