[MacDV] Re: AE Stupid question...probably

Mark M. Florida markflo at mac.com
Fri May 2 08:13:20 PDT 2003

> since this is just to quickly check transitions and general screwing
> around and only for my eyes at this point... the DV Codec?

The DV codec is fast for compression as well as playback, it's very
optimized in QuickTime, and uses MUCH LESS drive space than "None"
compression (less than 4 MB/sec for DV vs. 27 MB/sec "None")

> When it comes time to show the client I'll do a DVD or QT cd... VCD? or
> vhs depending on what level they are at... something that will be plug
> and play...

If you do a DVD, Apple's MPEG-2 encoding is highly optimized for source
using the DV codec, if you go to VHS, just drop it in iMovie or FCP and hit
play (no re-rendering).  (note:  iMovie would use a "DV Stream" file, and
FCP uses the DV codec inside of a standard QuickTime file)

As long as you work at 720x480 (with DV aspect rectangular pixels) and 29.97
fps, you'll be set.

> I'd never bring a client here. I use a voicebox on the phone as well,
> so when I'm demanding payement, it's more exciting since they have to
> leave it in a bus station locker...

ROTFLOL!!!  HAHA!!!  (actually... same here :-\)

> thanks
> On Tuesday, April 29, 2003, at 05:24 PM, Ron Woodland wrote:
>> I used to use AE a lot more before FCP came along.  I still use it for
>> motion graphics kind of stuff.  FCP can do that too, but not quite as
>> naturally.  Of course FCP is optimized for using the DV codec, but
>> that can hammer the quality of text, even at higher quality.
>> I think the frame skipping problem you have is definitely compression
>> related ...or the lack thereof.  Why not use the DV codec at highest
>> quality?  Playback off the hard drive would be much improved with
>> essentially broadcast quality appearance.  Or put it to tape using FCP
>> and take it to the client instead of the client coming to you.  (Is it
>> even possible to print to video from AE?  I've never figured out how.)
>>  You never want to let the client see you work or even where you work.
>>  It takes away the mystic.
>> Ron Woodland
>> On Tuesday, April 29, 2003, at 03:01  PM, Matthew Guemple wrote:
>>> Yeah my bad.
>>> 640X480
>>> 29.7 fps...
>>> Full/Best
>>> No compression.
>>> I'm just rendering this stuff out for a preview and it's clunky at
>>> full-size on my machine. I guess that is a compression issue...
>>> When I'm ready to actually do something with this... show it to a
>>> client... I figured I worry about compression etc then.
>>> I'll assume its a compression issue and go from there...
>>> I was just worried it was a rendering issue... ie files on the "home"
>>> drive or something like one can get with FCP.
>>> Thanks
>>> M
>>> On Tuesday, April 29, 2003, at 04:50 PM, Ron Woodland wrote:
>>>> More information is needed -- frame size, frame rate, codec used,
>>>> quality level, and data rate settings, etc.  There's no free lunch
>>>> here.  Uncompressed video is upwards of 30 MB of throughput per
>>>> second.  Obviously compression and real-time decompression is how
>>>> video streaming is being done now.  The local hard drive can deliver
>>>> full-frame, full-motion video using some compression, the artifacts
>>>> from which are noticeable to the trained eye.  For CD-ROMs, DVDs,
>>>> and web streaming even more compromises in quality have to be made.
>>>> Newer codecs, such as Sorenson and the MPEGs (1, 2, and 4) have
>>>> changed the trade-off curve, but there are still trade offs to be
>>>> made.
>>>> Ron Woodland
>>>> St. George, Utah
>>>> On Tuesday, April 29, 2003, at 12:29  PM, Matthew Guemple wrote:
>>>>> I'm sure this is basic and covered ad nasuem but...
>>>>> It seems every time I render a QT (compression none) of whatever
>>>>> I'm doing, the playback always locks-up/stutters at some point
>>>>> (often at transitions or effects)
>>>>> I know I am forgetting something basic...
>>>>> WHAT IS IT!??? It's driving me crazy...
>>>>> tia
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