[MacDV] Canon ZR-60

Jon Blumhagen jblumhagen at zionshope.org
Mon May 5 09:07:46 PDT 2003

Not sure if my post last week went thru - but I used a ZR60 last week and
was very happy with the result. To test it, I just recorded myself playing a
piano.  The sound was actually quite clean, but I couldn't figure out what
the thumping sound was until I realized it was my foot on the damper pedal
of the piano that it was picking up!

The book also mentioned using an external powered mike if you want, but for
fun I tried an old SM58 (non-powered) thru a mike cable and a transformer to
an 1/8" jack, and the gain was even a little stronger than the internal
mike, and, yes, still quite clean.

I haven't taken the audio track into Peak or Sound Forge yet to see if there
is a registerable floor noise, but I really don't expect there to be one. On
first impression, after capturing it in Premiere, it seems to be even
quieter than an XL1 that I used to use!


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> Subject: [MacDV] Canon ZR-60
> Is there anyone out there using a Canon ZR-60 miniDV?

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