[MacDV] Re: Rendering question

Cari Machet cvzel at yahoo.com
Mon May 5 21:44:54 PDT 2003

maybe render it at the highest quality then

i don't get why you need to re-import either

just how will you trick into using new files?
i don't know about this
i know you can save your effect and apply it to new
media in Avid
(i think you can in FCP)
is there some way of applying your effect to new media
in AE that i don't know of?


--- sb <videovideo at mac.com> wrote:
> Is the project staying in AE? If so, why do you need
> to render it out and
> re-import and render out again? Just point it
> towards the new files and then
> go on with AE.
> If you are using the finished animation in another
> program, like FCP, then
> you just need to render it out at the correct codec
> (dv, if that's what the
> other material is) and there should not be any
> additional rendering
> necessary.
> Of course, maybe I'm completely misunderstanding
> what you are doing :)
>  sb
>  On 5/5/03 4:18 PM, "Matthew Guemple"
> <mo.og at verizon.net> wrote:
> > I trying to retro fit an old project... don't ask!
> > What I'm trying to do is trick AE into replacing
> one set of files for
> > another. The easiest way I can think of to do this
> is to remove the
> > files it thinks it wants and point it in the
> direction of the files I'd
> > like it to use instead...
> > Then render that out to a qt movie and reimport
> it... the question is
> > if I render it using the DV codec... and then re
> render that using the
> > dv codec am I going to get a double reduction?
> > 
> > Is there an different codec I should use knowing
> that it will at some
> > point be re-rendered?
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