Re Western Digital hardrive Unsupported, plus a comment about Rebates

Bill Freeman flipflapco at
Wed May 7 09:07:47 PDT 2003

>I had a 120GB 7200 Western Digital hard drive in my G4 with 3
>partitions and took it out due to constant problems.  After replacing
>it with an IBM/Hitachi all is well again.
>Now I have the Western Digital in an external firewire case - but my G4
>(system 9.04) won't recognize it under system profiler or drive setup.

I think your drive is probably defective.  I have two WD 120gb 8mb 
cache drives and both work fine.  I have used them both internaliy in 
a G3 and also in a G4, and both are presently installed in external 
firewire cases with no problem at all.

I recently bought a new external firewire case that was defective 
when it arrived, but since you said your drive acted funny in the 
computer, it is probably just a bad drive.  It happens with any brand 
of drive from time to time, and it's likely still under warranty.  WD 
was good about honoring their warranty on a bad drive for me a couple 
of years ago, and that's the reason I usually buy their drives. Also, 
WD is one of the few companies that still sell some drives with a 3 
year warranty.

NewEgg usually has pretty good "no-rebate" prices on WD drives.

I rarely buy anything with a rebate, because on a few occasions it 
has wasted more of my time collecting the rebate than it was worth. 
I sent in all the right paperwork for the rebates, and then had send 
scanned copies to prove it to them.  It's way too easy for them to 
weasel out since there is only ONE original UPC label.  I'm with 
those who think rebates should be made illegal, and definitely 
avoided if possible.  Rebates are just a marketing mind 
game/scam/ploy and a rip-off of the consumer.


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