[MacDV] Re: Formats...

Matthew Guemple mo.og at verizon.net
Mon May 12 07:47:50 PDT 2003

Jon Blumhagen wrote:
>>> If I render using no compression and then burn it onto
>>> a DVD would that run ok? Without the throughput problems the computer
>>> has?
>> That would run , not as good.
> Not sure I understand this. DV itself is already a compressed format  
> (1:5)
> done right in the camera itself.

This is an AfterEffect project. No DV footage used. The "none" or  
uncompressed version looks great, the "DV codec" compressed version  
looked soft.

The none version stuttered on my machine and I was wondering if that  
was a function of the computer and whether that limitation would be  
overcome by the compression applied when making a DVD.

> I not sure I understand the "run not as good", though. Are you saying  
> that
> if the original DV-compressed shoot is rendered without a codec and  
> then
> burned to a DVD, it will have problems running on a standalone player?
> jb
So I took it to mean "yes".

Matthew Guemple
Art Director/03
mo.og at verizon.net

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